In this amazing tour you will have an opportunity to explore the best hidden gems of Indonesia. There’s no place like this place, anyplace. Komodo is obviously well-known for its dragons but there’s so much more to explore in the island  plus nearby Flores and Rinca. You’ll spend much of your time in this tour enjoying in beautiful scenery (including Mt Kelimutu, a volcanic crater full of vibrantly coloured water) and traditional ways of life among the local people. On a boat trip to Komodo and Rinca, look out for Komodo dragons and spot even more of the native wildlife. So get ready to know the wild side of Indonesia!


Prices per person:

  • 2 persons         $2838

  • 3 – 4 persons   $2134

  • 5 – 7 persons   $1793

  • 8 – 10 persons $1551

TransfersAll traditional ritual ceremonies
Entry ticket to Komodo National Park + snorkeling gearAccommodation
Refreshments Tour guiding in English language
Air tickets
Personal expenses
Alcoholic drinks



Day 1

MAUMERE ARRIVAL – MONI VALLEY: (Arrival in Maumere by Midday). Welcome and luggage collection service following guests’ arrival at Frans Seda airport of Maumere. After having lunch at a local restaurant, tour will be commenced with an orientation sightseeing of Maumere town, the capital of Sikka regency and its surroundings, visiting Nita village to view the process of making traditional Tenun Ikat (Tie-dye) hand weaving textiles of typical genuine Maumere weaving pattern. Then tour moves onto Blikon Blewut Museum, where a great number of precious and old-aged collections of local artworks and historical testimonies demonstrate both nature and human being, life and civilization growth and change of Maumere’s nature and sub ethnic groups, can be sighted and experienced. Tour goes onto Moni valley, located at the foot of mount Kelimutu. Following arrival at Moni valley, straight carry onto the reserved hotel to stay. Dinner and rest. (LD).

Day 2

MONI – KELIMUTU – ENDDE – WOGO – BAJAWA RARE NATURAL WONDER FULL DAY DRIVE: Earlier breakfast this morning. Before dawn, leave Moni valley for mount Kelimutu, about 12 kilometers away and can be reached within about 30 minutes, to view one of the greatest mysteries of the world, the three-colouredlakes of Kelimutu (green, light blue and dark red), located inside the crater on the top of the mountain, at the elevation of 1.640 meters above sea level. Guests are strongly recommended to reach the top of the mountain before the sun rises, as the best time to witness the beauty of combination of the colours of the three lakes and their surrounding mountainous sceneries is between six and seven in the morning. After this time the weather is usually cloudy and windy that may cause poor feasibility. Leave the lakes, stepping down 142 step ladders. Tour moves on westward heading for Ende, en route visiting Wolotopo traditional village to view megalithic tribal houses and witness the process of making distinctive Ende-LioTenun Ikat (tie-dye) hand weaving motif. Guests to have lunch at a local restaurant in Ende town. A short sightseeing of the town will be made before heading for Bajawa. On the way to Bajawa, a stop will be made at Nangapenda to see the blue stone beach, then onto Wogo traditional village to view unique traditional tribal houses and the process of making the Tenun Ikat (tie-dye) hand weaving textiles of Bajawa weaving motif. Depart to Bajawa, straight to the reserved hotel to stay. Dinner and rest. (BLD).

Day 3

BAJAWA – BENA – LIANG BUA ARCHAELOGICAL CAVE – RUTENG CULTURAL FULLDAY TOUR: Early morning, before leaving Bajawa for Bena, guests will be taken to visit the traditional open market of Bajawa, where local people coming from neighbouring villages, busy selling their products and buying their daily basic life needs will be noticed. Tour moves onto Bena traditional cultural village, regarded as one of the most indigenous cultural tribal villages on Flores island, which has been functioning as a “Living Museum” for visitors and anthropologists, where lots of huge stone tombs surrounded by tents of old-aged tribal houses built in the most traditional architecture of the oldest tribe in Bajawa will be sighted. Drive westward heading for Ruteng, passing through pleasant country sides and spectacular panoramic views until reaching Ruteng. Just before entering into Ruteng town, tour will visit Liang Bua archaeological cave just before entering Ruteng town, where skeletons of short people from Flores, just less than 90 cm tall, anthropologically called as Homo Floresiensis, aged thousands years recently found. This archaeological site has been a curiosity for scientists, archaeologists and anthropologists Drive to the reserved hotel to stay. Dinner and rest. (BLD).

Day 4

RUTENG – CANCAR – TODO – WAE REBO FULL DAY RARE CULTURAL EXPERIENCE: After having breakfast, guests will depart to Labuan Bajo, taking a stop on the way at Cancar to view the traditionally man-made typical spider-web-shaped rice fields called “Lingko” with life style of indigenous farmers of Manggarai sub ethnic group are interesting to view. Then, continue driving westward to Todo traditional cultural village, used to be the palace of Todo kingdom that existed about 300 years ago. There are some old-aged tribal legacies such as a drum, aged about 300 years old, which was made from the skin of the belly of a beautiful young girl who was sentenced to death because of her refusal to marry the King of Todo then, and some huge cannons given by British soldiers to the King of Todo long time ago. Typical traditional house architecture and indigenous life style of the local people are also highlights of today’s tour. After lunch (boxed lunch), tour continues, soft trekking towards Wae Rebo cultural village, the “Village above the Clouds.” Walking to Wae Rebo village will take approximately three hours. A welcome ceremony led by the chief of the village will be performed at the gate to the village. Guests will take rest for a while following the welcome ceremony. Rest of the day will be sightseeing around the village, looking closely at the particular traditional house architecture, etc. Local food will be served for dinner. Stay overnight on “back-to-nature” sleeping facilities at one of the traditional houses, previously arranged. (BLD).

Day 5

WAE REBO “THE VILLAGE ABOVE THE CLOUDS” – LABUHAN BAJO AMAZING NATURAL FULL DAY TOUR: After having breakfast, guests will leave Wae Rebo village and set down walking on the same road back to Todo, then continue walking down to Dinthor village where they will be picked up by their vehicle and drive back down the same road until reaching the main road. From the main road, tour goes westward heading for Labuhan Bajo. Upon arrival in Labuhan Bajo late in the afternoon, straight carry onto the reserved hotel to stay. Dinner and rest (BLD).

Day 6

LABUAN BAJO – KOMODO – PINK BEACH – BATS ISLAND – NIGHT AT SEA NEAR RINCA AN AMAZING SPECIAL ISLAND TRIP TO WITNESS ONE OF THE SEVEN NEW WONDERS OF THE WORLD: Early breakfast at hotel. Get ready to be transferred to the harbour to sail out on a live-aboard Phinisi, a motored wooden schooner with tall masts and wide sails, towards Komodo island. The boat will arrive at Loh Liang pier of Komodo island in about three hours (depends on the weather). After a short briefing on the boat, guests to disembark and to proceed soft trekking on Komodo island, guided by our experienced ranger/s. There is no other activities but exploring the island, trekking, and taking pictures of the prehistoric giant dragons – ONE of the Seven New Wonders of the World – found only on the islands of Komodo and Rinca for the whole world. After enjoying witnessing one of the seven new wonders of the world, guests to return to the pier, guided back by the local rangers. Lunch will be served on board the boat, while sailing towards the Pink Beach, which is famous for its unique colour of the sand and ideal for swimming, snorkeling, etc. Then sail onto Pulau Kalong (Island of Bats). Guests should get to Pulau Kalong (island of Bats) before sunsets, so that they can witness thousands and thousands of long-winged bats coming out from their nests or habitat to hunt for food along the night. It is so interesting and amazing to witness. Sail onto Rinca island, but as it is already dark so the boat will lay anchors. Guests to have dinner and rest on board the boat. Night at sea near Rinca. (BLD).

Day 7

RINCA ISLAND – BIDADARI ISLAND – LABUHAN BAJO. ONE MORE FULLDAY ISLAND TRIP TO WITNESS ONE OF THE SEVEN NEW WONDERS OF THE WORLD: After having breakfast on board the boat, and following a short briefing on the boat, guests to disembark at Loh Buaya pier of Rinca island, to commence soft trekking, exploring Rinca island gided by our local experienced ranger/s to see more giant dragons with more beautiful and brighter skin colours. There is no other activities but exploring the island, guided by our experienced local ranger/s, soft trekking, and taking pictures of the giant prehistoric Komodo dragons – One of the Seven New Wonders of the World – inhabiting on Rinca, founded nowhere else for the whole world, but Komodo and Rinca islands. There are also wild animals found on this island such as long-horned deer, water buffaloes, long-tailed monkeys (macaques), endemic birds, etc besides rare plants and flowers. After feeling satisfied with the adventure and taking pictures, guests to return to the pier, guided by our local ranger/s. Lunch will be served on board the boat. Leave Rinca island and sail onward to Bidadari island (Island of Angles) renowned for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water spectacular for beach activities such as swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, etc. Sail ashore back to Labuhan Bajo. Directly transferred to the reserved hotel to stay overnight. Dinner and rest. (BLD).

Day 8

Breakfast at hotel. Free time for shopping of souvenirs to take home. Depart to airport. (B).


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  • 75% of the paid deposit when cancellation notice is received within 7 (seven) days before tour departure
  • There will be no refund if the cancellation notification is received less than 7 (seven) days before the confirmed tour departure date, but it will be a 20% (twenty percent) deposit or prepaid amount for the next trip instead

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