The Basics

As a responsible traveling company our main goal is to contribute to sustainable rural development in rural communities around the world. We want to encourage you to travel with purpose. By doing that you will boost your traveling money to rural community. That means you will give your contribution for more employment in rural communities, you will contribute to their agriculture and you will contribute to further development of their villages. Rural tourism is a great economic driver for rural destinations. So why not get involved in it.

You want to know another awesome reason why Travel Rural?

You will enjoy and relax in nature, explore mountains, hiking, climbing, trekking, taste local food, discover amazing traditional heritages, meet and support locals by volunteering…What another reason do you need for Why Travel Rural?

Travel Rural is a responsible traveling site where you can review tours, share your traveling stories, connect with travelers, make friends worldwide, tailor, book your suitable responsible holiday and book cheap flight all at one place. Isn’t that all you need for your better traveling experience before, during and after your traveling?

We have teamed up with the best local travel agencies who are experts in tailoring the trips. According to your wishes which you will provide us, we will find for you the perfect local travel agency who will design and presented to you your desired itinerary. When you tailor your trip with support of local travel agency, you will benefit from the expertise of a local expert who knows their country inside out.

Please do not worry. We will not leave you hang out. For each trip we ensure for you travel guide so you will have support during your whole trip. In a case of no need of travel guide you can always contact local travel agency who provide you the trip.

With your reviews you will help your fellow travelers to easier decide and easier tailor their responsible holiday. Feel free to join the conversation. Help fellow travelers to enjoy the full potential of their holiday.


TRAVELinkBUDDY is a first Social Network specialized for travelers where you can share your future travel plans with fellow travelers, connect with them, travel with like-minded responsible travelers, make friends worldwide, share memories together and share your travel costs.

Traveling is cheaper when you share. Traveling with like-minded fellow travelers as a group is generally much cheaper. You can get group rates on accommodations, companion rates for certain modes of transportation (particularly bus and train), group rates into attractions (amusement parks, museums, etc), and there are tons of other things you can split costs on. If you’re able to reduce costs, you’ll have extra money to see and do more things.

You need to create your profile. You will need to write what kind of traveler are you (describe what’s your traveling style) and some general information about you. This information will help you to connect with like-minded travelers, to join the meaningful conversation with them and to find your perfect TRAVELinkBUDDY. You can also create your private travelers group which depends of course on your traveling style.

On TRAVELinkBUDDY you can create your profile, create private group of like-minded travelers (Your Travel Tribe depending on your travel style), check out who is online, comment and get notified, send messages, connect and find your perfect TRAVELinkBUDDY.

Yes it is completely free of charge.

TRAVELinkBUDDY Social Network for travelers is not visible to everyone. It’s a private Social Network for travelers who wants to join Travel Rural travelers community.

Volunteering Tours

We have teamed up with FundMyTravel who provides us with an online platform where you can fundraise your meaningful travel experience. All you need to do is find your suitable volunteering tour on our site and start to Fund Your Travel here

Your Travel Story

We made storytelling really simple so don’t think much about a process. Just tell us your best traveling experiences, memories, suggestions and share it with fellow travelers. Inspire or get inspired. Engage with like minded travelers. Join travel chat.


Max file size is 8 MB. Max number of files 5, allowed file types: JPG, JPEG, DOCX, PDF, ZIP.

You can promote your blogs by writing your Travel Stories. Your Travel Story you can promote for free as long as you do not directly by links promote your official website through our site. If you wish to do that the terms and conditions are different. But hey please do contact us for promotional services. We are here for you.