Why Support Africa Now Initiative?
Uganda depends heavily on environment and natural resources. However, the country is subjected to environmental problems which put the economic, environmental and social development at risk. These include soil degradation, deforestation, drainage of wetlands, loss of biodiversity, pollution and unsanitary conditions. On the other hand, small holder farmers face the threat of environmental and economic vulnerability and that is why it is important for the young generation to step up and take on these challenges. Africa Now Initiative for these reasons strongly believe that agriculture which employs the majority in Sub-Saharan Africa is the key to economic transformation of the continent. There is a need to look at farming as a business and not just a subsistence way of living like the way it is now.
Africa Now Initiative (ANI) goal is to accelerate rural development in a bid to ensure Sustainable Development by supporting Nyamigoye Coffee Farmers Group (NCFG). This will be achieved by bringing small holder coffee farmers together in a bid to learn and share with each other ideas about how to improve their rural transformation by adopting sustainable agricultural and ethical trading practices. Organic Soybean is a highly protein crop with a huge potential in improving the livelihoods of rural people therefore, interested farmers will be given seeds for planting. The goal of ANI is to introduce Soybean to the rural citizens which will for sure help in the fight against under nutrition and ensure food and nutrition security.
Africa Now Initiative start this amazing project in south western Uganda in Kanungu District (around 400 Km from the Capital City – Kampala) with a view to expand to other areas in the near future. Africa Now Initiative (ANI) have already registered 250 small holder coffee farmers under Nyamigoye Coffee Farmers Group (NCFG). They are training farmers on the sustainable coffee production aspects. A multipurpose center is under construction. It will serve as headquarters and will be used also as a house stores for storage of coffee and small scale soybean processing area.
Africa Now Initiative welcome everybody to join their journey in quest for socio-economic transformation of their rural community!
By volunteering with Africa Now Initiative (ANI):
  • You will learn about coffee production.
  • You will learn about food crop production such as beans, sweet potatoes, cassava, soybeans and many more.
  • Get a chance to teach/conduct lessons at a rural primary school.
  • You will participate in cooking/preparing a traditional meal.
  • Learn about culture of the local people.

Uganda National Park Why Support Africa Now Initiative?

While volunteering with Africa Now Initiative you will have a chance to explore the most astonish places. In Uganda, tourism is the key industry that has the huge potential for rural transformation by opening up rural communities to the outside world. Kanungu is uniquely located in the pearl of Africa (Uganda). It is close to 2 key National Parks that is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park that are famous for the rare mountain gorillas and tree climbing lions respectively. The attractions of Uganda were identified by Sir Winston Churchill, in his book “My African Journey’’ who wrote about this amazing country; For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life – plant, bird, insect, reptile, and beast – for vast scale…Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa.
If you would like to contribute Africa Now Initiative as a volunteer but you have a cost barrier we have a solution. There is possibility for fundraising it through our website. 
Show your support to Africa Now Initiative in their efforts to contribute to Sustainable Rural Development in Uganda!

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