Travel to amazing destinations and impact communities through volunteering.

Book tours and activities that benefit a cause you care about or hike, weave, bike, surf & cook with local communities, but this time, make an impact.


Travel the World for a Cause. Discover hundreds of immersive, impactful tours and activities in more than 40 countries. We provide you the opportunity to travel while making positive contributions to the local community.


We partner up with who provides “do-good organizations” with an added source of revenue, which is directly reinvested back into the community to spur economic and environmental development.


However, the real impact happens within yourself. By volunteering you will recharge your batteries and have a chance to changing the world for the better. That’s what it means to Travel with Purpose!


Want to contribute? Serve others and make a difference for yourself and others? Then you are in the right place!


Find the Best Volunteering Opportunity for You.


Choose to Travel with Purpose!