This Tibet spiritual journey covers most prominent monasteries around Lhasa including first ever Buddhist monastery and historical kings palace in the Yarlung valley which is also known as cradle of Tibetan civilization, your arrival to the holy city will be greeted by the lovely blue sky and impressive glimpse of gigantic Potala palace perched on the red hill, while during the couple of days acclimation and jet-lag alleviation, you will be overwhelmed its prominent historical and religious sites, mystical Potala Palace, sacred Jokahng temple, sprawling Sera and Drepung monastery, walk shoulder to shoulder with devoted pilgrims in bustling Bakhort street. Then spiritual journey extend its feature to the historical buildings and hermitage cliffs around the Yarlung valley, meeting hermits and retreants at Chimpu hermitages is a beautiful hiking through the green bushes within the natural amphitheatre valley, driving along the stunning turquoise color lake Yamdrok and blooming Nyenchen Kangsar glacier under the sunny plateau climate, you will never waste every single minute by discovering new experiences and wonders all the time, last but not the least, visiting Namtso lake and overnight on the Tashi Do promontory complete your exclusive Tibetan experience of culture, religious, natural and nomadic lifestyle.

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Day 1

Day 01 – 03: Our representatives greet your arrival at the airport/train station and it is a short drive to the holy Lhasa city along the Lhasa river within a valley enclosed by barren mountains, far before reaching to the city you will have the first glimpse of tremendous Potala Palace appearing out from the rest of the city by perching on the red hill. Then check in the hotel which is located in the old part of the town and which is also known as Tibetan area that centered by mystical Jokhang temple and the bustling Bakhor street. In the following couple of days we have thoughtfully arranged few but worthy visit to some world heritages and sites of breathing Tibetan Buddhists along acclimation and alleviating Jet-lag, you have plenty of time to walk shoulder to shoulder with devoted local pilgrims in the bustling Bakhor street, it is also a real pleasure to explore the busy cobbled lanes twisting around the aged buildings in the supernatural Drepung and Sera monastery, and our knowledgeable guides enhance your experiences with a thorough historical and cultural explanation. These days are flexible and easy to do on your own exploration around the town and hang around the Bakhor street during your leisure. In addition, we do arrange special experiences of short visit to typical Tibetan village family or receive rare scared blessings from high lamas with local pilgrims per client’s interest. When you arrive in Lhasa either by train or flight, your guide will greet you and take you to your hotel. A route to viewing the Yarlung Tsangpo River/ Bhamaputra river (the Longest and largest river in Tibet) and Lhasa river. After arrive in Lhasa, you can take rest and acclimatize. If you feel to go out, then you can go to the Potala square, where you will enjoy the fountain with different color and get amazing photos of the Potala and around.

Day 4

Day 04 – 05: We extend to southern Tibet and appreciate the wonders fertile Yarlung valley, along the downstream of braided Brahmaputra river (Yarlung Tsangpo) meandering through dramatic sand dunes and lonely trees, in these couple of days, we will explore within the fertile Yarlung valley which gave its name to the ancient Tibetan kings dynasty as Yarlung kingdom, Tsedang is the largest town in the southern part and it is also known as cradle of the Tibetan civilization, it was the capital of Tibet prior to Lhasa and this area is replete with the most distinguished Samye monastery in its Mandala architecture, it was the very first Buddhist monastery in Tibet and spending a night near the monastery with full afternoon exploration around it. Nevertheless, meeting hermits and retreats at Chimpu hermitages with a beautiful hiking through the green bushes in the natural amphitheater valley conclude your anxiety about Tibetan Yogis and retreatants, from the newly constructed Chimpu nunnery, we start a short hiking through the solitary caves and tiny trail amidst the scrub bushes, you may get chance to interact with devoted yogis or retreatants in their caves, up from the terrace offers a spectacular views of the Brahmaputra valley below. Then relax the day in Tsedang and have a hot shower in the hotel.

Day 6

Day 06 – 07: Retrace the road back to airport and then drive continue to the west and meet southern friendship highway at the Chushul Bridge, we climb up the Gampa la(4900m) through numbers of switch-backs to Gyantse and Shigatse in the western Tibet, from the pass you will amaze by the breathtaking view of the holy Lake Yamdrok and snowcapped Mt.Nyenchen Kangsar in the background, then further following the southern friendship highway along the sprawling lake and bloomy glaciers to Gyantse, the small town of Gyantse is well known as hero’s town since from 1904, the people from the town had defeated British wars at that time, moreover, the giant Khubum stupa bounded by an adobe wall is famous for its old murals and architectural miracle. Both Gyantse and Shigatse are well known for its historical and religious value since from ancient time, more over these regions has slightly different culture and tradition than in Lhasa.

Day 8

Day 08- 09: Driving through numbers of peaceful villages and farmlands within the Oyuk valley, we traverse the high peak of Shogula pass(5400m) to Yangpachen and the northern nomadic grassland, this wonderful valley barely hidden in the remote and not known for mass tourism yet, northern Tibet is known as Changthang Drogpa (Northern nomads) with sparse population of nomads in the vast pastures, hundreds of beautiful lakes with abounding wild lives can be found in this region, Namtso lake is one of them and it is one of the holy as well as most gorgeous lake in Tibet, it is also the world highest salt water lake, we will spend a night on the Tashi Do peninsula and enjoy the cold breeze of the mystical lake and breathtaking view of snowcapped ranges all around. Then the next day we will drive back to Lhasa and complete the clockwise circumambulation at Lhasa, on this day we will visit a nomad family tent en route, the giant black tent is made up of yak wool and it has a great tendency to preserve heat and resist rain that is totally accommodate the plateau changeable climate, each tent is a whole complex of kitchen, bedroom, seating room and store room for the family, so spending few minutes with the nomad family give you a special experiences of plateau nomad lifestyle, you may wonder when you see piles of Yak dung just outside of the tents, it is the main fuel that nomads and also Tibetans use for cooking and heating the house during the chilly winter season.

Day 10

Day 10: Today it is your last day on the Tibet plateau, we will appreciate you for spending few minutes to evaluate our services for future improvement and you can either leave the feedback form to your guide or just write us an email, at your departure, your guide and driver meet you at the hotel lobby and transfer you to the airport/train station per your schedule. The trip is officially ended then.

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