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Conservation Boot Camp Cousin island

Be part of a 2 week global

Dolphin Research and Marine Conservation

Discover the tropical paradise of Zanzibar! As

Tibet Cultural and Spiritual Odyssey

This Tibet spiritual journey covers most prominent monasteries around Lhasa

Gender Equality Internship

Join our experienced and hardworking team in

Social Work and Youth Development Internship

Gain quality exposure and experience at grassroots

Human Rights and NGO Law Internship

At the very heart-and-soul of South Africa’s

2 Week Nature Enthusiast Course

Join us in the heart of the

NGO Internship

Discover beautiful Africa as you gain practical

Marketing and Social Media Internship

Gain hands-on marketing and social media work

Volunteer and Trek Experience Nepal

Want to volunteer in wondrous Nepal while

The Kenyan Explorer

This fantastic volunteer program is like no

Volunteer and Yoga Adventure India

Volunteers with a passion for yoga and

Women's Empowerment Nepal

For those volunteers wanting to change the

Women's Empowerment Peru

The mission of this program is to

Women's Empowerment Tanzania

The mission of this program is to