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This is right place for all responsible eco-friendly travelers who are looking for alternative to the stressful urban way of life rhythm. Experience authentic rural lifestyle. Relax and enjoy the nature.
Sounds interesting? Experience the new approach of traveling with purpose.

We are:

⇒ gathering rural destinations at one place in one website
⇒ promoting the authentic atmosphere of rural areas
⇒ providing to travelers a unique experience in their chosen destination.


Our focus is on:

⇒ rural tourism because it has direct positive influence on Sustainable Rural development
⇒ preserving natural, cultural and social resources of the destinations for future generations as far as it brings benefits for the present society.


Sustainable Rural development is crucial for the rural destinations because the rural tourism as economic driver can bring to rural society new employments, it could stop migration of young people, it could bring a significant source of income to citizens from the rural area, it could rise agriculture production and it could developed their villages.


For who Travel Rural is suitable option?

For Ethical travelers who want to discover and explore rural destinations which has a unique combination of natural and cultural heritage.


By exploring villages you can meet locals and discover their way of living, their tradition and their heritage but the most important fact is that you can by visiting their villages contribute to their sustainable rural development.


Are you Ethical traveler who are searching for new ideas where to travel? Than you are at the right place.

Find your suitable undiscovered rural destination! Go on explore….



all rural destinations at one place.


for your suitable Eco, Adventure, Cultural, Gastronomy, Volunteering tours and Accommodations. All our tours can be tailor-made and customized according to your wishes.


our blog. Educate yourself what is sustainable rural development and why you should get involved in rural tourism.